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About The Home

The Mama Fatuma Goodwill Children’s home has been caring and protecting desperate children by proving a safe, healthy, and loving environment for more than forty years.  During this time Mama Fatuma has earned a reputation for excellence in Kenya and the whole world.  Since its humble beginnings Mama Fatuma has cared for hundreds of orphaned children with no where else to turn. The children are admitted through the Department of Children Services under the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services. It is mandated by the Government of Kenya after having been certified to undertake the task of protecting and rehabilitating less fortunate children.


Mama Fatuma is located in the heart of Eastern Nairobi near the border of Eastleigh and the Mathare slum at the junction of Juja Road and 1st Avenue Eastleigh as you turn to enter Eastleigh business area. The children under the home’s care come from a variety of backgrounds; many are abandoned, abused, orphaned by HIV/AIDS, refugee children, children from conflict areas, during clashes, lost and found cases, and other causes.


Mama Fatuma ardently subscribes to and follows the principles established in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, The African Charter on the Welfare of Children, and the Kenya Children’s Act of 2001 No. 8 Cap 586. 


Mama Fatuma is supported almost entirely by the community.  Unfortunately these donations often come erratically and the home struggles to pay school fees for children who have not been sponsored. With your help, Mama Fatuma will be able to continue caring and providing for disadvantaged children with food, clothing, shelter, counselling, beddings, education, medical care and support, and other needs and services which might be of their well being foro their future.  


Please NOTE that Adoption is processed through registered Kenyan Adoption Societies, not the home's managment. Similarly, Foster Care for children is handled through the office of the Director of Children's Services and the Kenyan Constitution.

Our Projects

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