How You Can Help Today

If you are in Kenya

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If You Live in the United States

If you live in the US, the best way to help is through the Mama Fatuma Foundation.  With help from the management at Mama Fatuma, the Foundation is able to offer direct assistance to children in the home's care.  You can also show your committment by becoming a member of making a one time donation.


Donations can be made online or mailed to:

The Mama Fatuma Foundation

5733 State Park Rd.

Pipersville, PA



If You are Outside of the US



Our friends and wellwishers outside of the US can arrange donations, sponsorship and assistance directly with the management at Mama Fatuma.   


In Kenya


Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd, University Way Branch

P.O. Box 7206-0300, Nairobi, Kenya

Account Number: 1104751984

Account Name: Mama Fatuma Goodwill Children's Home




Lipa na Mpesa

Paybill Number - 338339

Bank:                Diamond Trust Bank

Account:           0040163369

Account Name: Mama Fatuma Goodwill Children's Home


For swift money transfer from foreign donors, friends and well wishers our E-Bank Address is:
P. O. Box 7206 - 00300 Nairobi, Kenya
KCBLKenx Branch KCB, U/Way, name - 036 -
Account Number 1104751984
Account Name: Mama Fatuma Goodwill Children's Home
Contact person:

The Secretary
Mama Fatuma Goodwill Children’s Home
P. O. Box 44035 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Tele: 254 020 6764735
Fax: 254 020 6766335
Cellphone: 254 722 660 047

Donors worldwide can also make in kind donations through Mama Mikes.