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Israel Ambassador Visit

The Children Home was priviledged to host His Excellency, Oded Joseph, to launch the water filter machine and solar water heating systems.

The systems are water technologies which are very beneficial to communities with minimal usage of resources.


The water filter machine is to purify water for drinking which is clean and health for the children. The children are experiencing clean drinking water which is always available and ready to drink.


The solar panels water heater system which were installed, are for warming water to make it fit for children to have bath in the morning as well as in the evening. It has been doing well for their shower due to the weather changes and being young children. 



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Launching of water purifying machine at the Children Home - Septermber, 2020.

The Israel Ambassador, Oded Joseph, flanked by Nairobi County Women Representative, Hon. Esther Passaris, The CEO, Keilot Water Technologies, Mr. Omri Cohen, CAS, Ministry of Water, Dr Andrew Tuimur, cutting the tape to officially launch the water technology.


Also present were Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Mr Shem Nyakutu; Deputy Director, Nairobi Metropolitan Services, Mr Enosh Onyango; other representatives from the Kamukunji Constituency MP.


Kenya Defence Force Visit

During the celebration of Kenya Defence Force Day, 14th October, 2020, the Kenya Air Force representated by Moi Air Base, visited the Children Home with donations and socialized with children with a word of advise.


Their visit motivated the children and the entire Children Home especially during this trying moment we are going through. 


The Moi Air Base team was led by Lt Col Abdirizak Noor, who donated foodstuff, detergents, toiletries among other items. 



Lt Col Noor, addressing children with his team.

Lt Col Noor, handing over donations to the children

Kenya Air Force officers arranging stuffs donated