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Children Updates

The Mama Fatuma Goodwill Children's Home, has kept on sustaining it's main objectives of ensuring these children are well taken care of and protected. During the year 2019 we had several activities for the children. Children were taken to some recreational places and had fun times. 

With education they continued with their learning, from one level to the next, some were graduated back to the community having gone through the rehabilitation process successfully.

We applaud all those who made the year conducive for the living of these children and ensured they accomplish their goals.



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Children Visited Stedmak Gardens - Karen

In September, 2019, Mr Hemant and friends had some time with the children by taking them for a fun day at the Stedmak Gardens, where they had a chance to see some wild animals, types of birds, reptiles, bouncing castle, different riding games among other fun activities.


Four volunteers finish 11 weeks of community service-Summer 2017

Three students; Ramadhan Rajab, Hassan Mumin, and Tom from United States International University finished their 11 weeks of community service at the home. Also Amisi Salumu from Masinde Muliro University and Binjabinja Cimole Josias from MKU are undertaking three months service. All the volunteers have developed a strong sense of giving back to the community

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